This New Tanning Mist Is A Complete Game Changer

Welcome to the hottest days of the year. Where shorts, tanks and tanning are a must. If you’re like me and don’t like baking and aging in the sun then self tanning is probs your go to and I think I have found the best one yet.

Finally someone created a product that is easy to use! Thank you Jules for creating Isle of Paradise. He’s been in the industry for over ten years and travels all around the world making sure celebs and models have the best looking tan. He knows his shit when it comes to this.

Isle Of Paradise Medium Self Tanning Water $28

Isle of Paradise is now available in Sephora doors. This self tanner is a game changer. What makes it so unique is the fact that it is all natural, organic, vegan, gluten free and does not test on animals. Yes, welcome to 2018. It is also color correcting. Wait what? Yes. Comes in a peach, green, and violet undertone. If you’re looking for something subtle the peach would be the perfect fit, its a light tint with a brightening effect. The green which is the one I have is the medium color, where it also conceals any redness on the skin. Lastly, the violet which gives you a much deeper tan but also helps hide any dark spot and gives your skin a beautiful, bronzy finish. The products also contain avocado oil, coconut oil and chia seeds to help moisturize the skin and add beneficial antioxidants for the best looking skin. Isle of paradise comes in a few different forms. Drops, mousse, and a water mist. Different types for different people.

¬†The day I picked up the medium self tanning water¬† I couldn’t sleep so I decided to mist my face and arms without exfoliating and doing my whole usual prepping routine. I was just bored and carless. My first reaction was taken away by the fresh scent and how evenly the mist was dispersed. The next morning I woke up and was very impressed. My skin looked amazing! Especially my face. As some of you may know I am very acne prone with lots of scars and pigmentation, most of it was covered and my skin tone was very even. It actually boosted my confidence a little because I felt like I could get away with a bit of mascara and go. The tanner was completely easy to use, no spots and streaks and all I did was stand there and give myself a few mists on un prepped skin. I did end up prepping my legs because I wanted to see if it would go on differently. I exfoliated, shaved and moisturized my knees and ankles. Misted my legs and waited five hours to see the development. I thought I would just do one leg to show the before and after result.

This product is honestly perfect for someone who doesn’t have much time to self tan or can never achieve a perfect streak free tan.

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