Designer On a Budget


 Agh designer clothes, handbags and accessories. If you love designer everything then I pronounce you a label whore. Join the club, its a good one to be in. The thing I love about buying designer is that its usually a quality piece, lasts forever and you could always re sell it if you’re over it. Also designers tend to make really good staple and classic pieces that never go out of style. It does tend to gets pricey and I don’t know about you but I always love to save some extra money. I recently went back to school and money has been a little tight especially because I only work two days a week, there for ya girl has a major budget. A budget? And you still expect to buy designer? Hello yes I’ve been doing it and I’ve figured out the formula for myself that I would like to share with you all. And remember quality over quantity.

     Let’s start at my favorite place Nordstrom Rack! Im sure you have all heard of it. Everything that doesn’t sell at their full line store ( Nordstrom ) gets sent down to the rack. LADIES if you haven’t been then you need to go. Sure you have to dig a little, but it’s so worth it. I’ve found so many things there. My greatest find was a pair of YSL pumps for $100 bucks that originally cost $1,200, talk about SAVINGS. Ummmmm what…… YES this is why you need to get your butt up and check it out. Heres the thing the best time to shop is when they are offering an extra 20% off clearance. This usually happens every three months. That’s when you could score some major deals if you’re lucky. If you live in the bay area the best rack to go to is 9th street in San Francisco and the rack on Market. They always have tons of designers at awesome prices. They also price match, so if you find the exact same item online still in stock then you could show one of the cashier and they will get approval from management. If you can’t make it to the store, theres no need to worry. Grab your phone, download the app, and enjoy!

     My second favorite place to shop is Saks and SaksOff5th. Both have amazing deals, they are usually a little more higher end than the rack so it tends to be a little more pricier than what I’m looking for. If you’re fast you can find pieces up to 90% off. Yes I love me some inexpensive designer. If you sign up for their newsletter then you will start receiving coupon codes which most of the time you could use on clearance item’s which I kid you not you could score and get jeans for under $50. I will admit, I like shopping at Saks full line store a lot better just because the return policy is a lot more lenient. What I mean by that is if you purchase sale or clearance online it’s not final sale. At Saks off 5th it’s a little risky, because if you’re buying at clearance price and you’re not to sure about your size, unfortunately most of the time it’s final sale. Both sites offer higher end designer pieces, so don’t get me wrong I still love to shop them both.

     Finally there are a few more websites that I would recommend thanks if you’re open to buying second hand. Just because it’s second hand doesn’t mean it’s been used. Im always on Tradsey and The Real Real looking up what kind of deals they have got going on. Goodness people sell pieces they haven’t even touched for half the price. It’s crazy! The legit reason I love both of these site is because if you’re looking for something specific or even vintage I bet you’ll find it there. They have the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen. Usually everything is authenticated so if you’re worried about getting a fake please don’t be. They usually offer coupon codes like $25 off or 20% off if you create an account which is such a bonus when on a budget.

Those are a few of my favorite stores.I hope I opened up a few doors for you and helped you save a few bucks. If interested comment below a category like shoes or bags and I could give you a list of my favorite stores to search for them. Like always if you have any other questions please comment and I’ll get back to you

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Casual Weekend Outfits

The weekend is everyones favorite two words!

The weekend is for shopping and relaxing in something casual and comfy. At least thats how I see it. Im all about casual with a pop of something. Whether its a fun handbag, jacket or shoes there always needs to be something fun going on to spice up the look a little.

Outfit #1 Lunch / Dinner 


I was going out to dinner wearing my current favorite jeans by L’Agence. They are high wasted and literally mold to your body covering a pooch if you have one and the pooch after dinner if ya know what I mean. They don’t stretch out in the knee which I love, and they def keep their shape. Peep the zippers on the bottom, they’re my favorite part! They give the look a little edge and spunk which hellllooooo yes please I need that for a effortless look. The light wash is also so perfect for spring and summer.


The top that I’m wearing got its first wear this weekend. I originally bought it for my trip to Istanbul but I just couldn’t wait to wear it so I thought Id take it for a quick spin. Beach Lunch Lounge is my favorite place to get things for vacation. Its so freaking adorbs on. I love off the shoulder tops they’re just so flattering and show off that collar bone which is my favorite part of my body. I just think its so sexy!


Who doesn’t love a look a like for the cheep. I love getting inspo bags. The best place to get them is ZARA which is where this little guy is from. It’s hard to keep up with current bag trends and especially if they’re over 1k! Yeah take me to ZARA id like to save some moola. Speaking of moola this bag was actually on sale for $20! What a freaking deal! This bag is so easy to take to dinner because of its cross body that comes useful for when your hands are too busy holding those left overs.


So I’ve been eying these shoes ever since working at Nordstrom. I decided to pop into rack because my dad needed a dress shirt for a dinner……Well I think he made the wrong decision of taking me there because I ended up getting three pairs of  shoes including these bad boys by Vince Camuto. They’re so freaking comfy and perfect for when it’s hot out because of the mesh design on top. Plus your feet wont get stinky.

Outfit #2 Shopping / Errands 


Can we guess where my top is from? Target! I love me some Target. You go in for one thing come out with ten. I give them props for whatever marketing technique they’re using. This button up is light weight and WRINKLE PROOF! Perfect for traveling because Anastasia aint got no time for steaming.

I do want to mention that this outfit is so perfect for shopping and even traveling just because its so comfy and lightweight to wear.



I love these pants so much that I wanted them in black for work. I searched online for them and found them in black on Rainbow. Guess what they’re on their way to my doorstep. #YAAAAS They do come in a ton of colors if black and grey don’t interest you much.


My baby! I’ve been giving this bag so much love recently. I must say its quit heavy but who cares it’s so pretty. This Alexander Wang Diego bag def elevates your outfit it adds some edge to your outfit which I seem to like a lot. I will say finding things in this bag is so difficult because of its narrow and dark pockets. I do suggest putting your things in a little makeup bag and then tossing it in.


Remember that rack trip I told you about? Yeah this is that other pair by Abound. The reason I got these shoes is because how light they were. I don’t know if I mentioned but I’ll say it again because Im so excited. I’m going to Istanbul so I need something light and airy because I was told that it’s going to be super hot out there and if you know me I HATE hot weather. I mean who likes clothes sticking to their body.





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