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Suns Out Smiles Out!

I don’t know about you but during the summer I end up taking tons of pictures with friends. From traveling to just casually hanging out by the pool. We are constantly taking selfies. One thing I always notice is how yellow my teeth always look. EWWW! I brush my teeth two to three times a day but that’s not enough because I’m a HUGE coffee fanatic.

I always knew that professional teeth whitening was an option but that always came with a large price tag. Not one treatment will do it, and upkeep can get pretty pricey for a college student like myself. White strips are another option but they never give me the results I want and always tend to move around! They also leave my teeth in so much pain and I feel like I can’t eat for two days because they get so sensitive.

 I was contacted by Smile Brilliant and I thought why not give it a shot. I always like to try new things. And I’m in need of some pearly whites. What made them stand out to me was they send you a kit with trays so you’re able to make custom  impressions, send them back and in less than a week you receive your trays and are ready for a brighter smile! The whole process is so easy and professional. They also offer different packages for different needs.

Smile Brilliant PROS:

Custom fitted to your teeth for complete coverage and comfort

Safe and Same results you would get at dentist office

One syringe lasts for 3-4 treatments

Detailed Instructions

Great for on the go

AMAZING for sensitive teeth

Super Fun

Smile Brilliant CONS:

Longer process due to personal tray creation

A little pricey than alternatives but worth it

Smile Brilliant Package Includes Whitening gel and Desensitizing Gel, Catalyst, Base, Trays


The Process :

Step One –

The whole process was so fun! You first receive a kit with two trays, a Base and a Catalyst paste, whitening and desensitizing gel. It also comes with super detailed instructions.

The first step is to mix the catalyst and base together until you don’t see any white left. Be quick! its hardens fast. Just incase anything happens they give you an extra set.

The next step is to roll it into a little sausage and fit it into the plastic tray.

Now is the important part, you need to make sure you press it deep enough so you have a good impression, make sure it covers your gums so when your trays come in, your gum line is also attached so it doesn’t slip when wearing. You will drool A LOT. It’s totally normal. You only need to keep them in for three minutes.

Mixing the Catalyst and Base Together  Making The Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Impression

Mixing the Catalyst and Base Together   Making The Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Impression


Step Two – 

Slip your molds into the prepaid envelope with the consent card filled out that’s provided. Seal and Ship!

Smile Brilliant Impressions


Step Three –

After a week you receive your custom-fitted trays! I was so surprised when opening the envelope. It came with a Smile Brilliant Storage case and the trays themselves were such high quality! They looked exactly like my teeth. I tried them on instantly and was able to talk without it feeling weird. If you’re a on the go type of person these are perfect for you because you can whiten while at work, on a walk or even while driving. They don’t slip or move.

Here comes the exciting part. Snap the tip off of the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Gel syringe and place the tip somewhere close by so you can cap it after use. Apply a fair amount in each crevasse of the tray to cover each tooth and lessen the chance of the gel getting on your gums. Make sure your teeth are dry and pop those suckers in. Then its time to wait and let those pores from the teeth open up and let the whitening gel lift away those stains! You can do anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on your teeth sensitivity. My first round I did a hour because my teeth are so sensitive that when I eat ice cream I cringe from pain. I feel like I totally could have gotten away with a longer time in the beginning.  My second round I did a hour and a half. I built my way up each time.

Step Four –

After your timer goes off take them off, wash out the trays, dry them and apply the Smile Brilliant Desensitizing Gel on dry teeth. Wear them for as long as you can. I wore mine while going to the movies. This will help for those who have super sensitive teeth. Even if you’re not sensitive I still recommend using it to put some hydration back into your teeth.

Step Five –

Show off them pearly whites!

I am so happy that I gave this a shot. My yellow spots completely disappeared from just two treatments and my smile looks so much brighter. I am completely addicted and buying one for everyone in my family. It’s so easy to use thanks to the detailed directions and the results are completely insane. I will definitely continue with this at home teeth whitening treatment. Want to win one for yourself to try?

Grab your own Smile Brilliant At Home Teeth Whitening Kit for $139 – $169.

15% off coupon code: casuallattes15 




Smile Brilliant and I have teamed for a giveaway to receive a $149 credit for a Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit! WHAT? YES! Super easy to win. The giveaway is open for two weeks and is open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents only.
15% off coupon code: casuallattes15 
( Just incase you fall in love with this just like I did and can’t wait for two weeks )

Tooth Whitening Gel

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