My 2018 Goals

     WELCOME 2018! Agh I hope everyone had an awesome New Years! I am so excited for this year. Why? Maybe because 8 is one of my favorite numbers. I’ve been waiting for the new year, for a fresh start. I can’t tell you how hard 2017 was for me. So much was going on, its like someone put a spell on me and I couldn’t live a happy 2017. EVERYTHING WAS GOING WRONG. You know what tho. That year is over, forgotten and deleted.

     Let’s talk more about 2018. Like everyone thats basic, I too have a few goals that I would like to share. If its written and put out to the public I think ill be more dedicated to sticking to it.



     I think this is the biggest goal. Wellness is health, health is survival. I’ve been talking about changing my everyday lifestyle for a while. I always tell my family members that Im going vegan as of today and then couple days later I go get in n out. It’s not a overnight thing. You slowly have to change your eating habits and the way you chose your food. I have slowly been training my taste buds to like certain foods so I don’t crave the bad ones. It’s hard but I want 2018 to be the year where I fully develop a mind that only thinks health. I would love to go vegan 100% but cheese just really gets me.

     Water is also a big issue for me. I am the worst when it comes to drinking it. There are some days I go without taking a sip, instead I drink coffee or juice which is a BIG NO NO. Couple days ago I ordered a CamelBak water bottle which holds 1L so I could take to school and not worry about constantly re filling it. I also made sure to get a bottle that had a built in straw so I don’t feel bored drinking the water. I’ve had it for four days now and it’s been the best purchase yet. I feel so hydrated and also now that I’m drinking more water I feel less hungry which is something I am super excited about

     I also want to start including workouts into my everyday lifestyle. It’s been a goal of mine for a while. I have no excuse not to do it it’s just that I am incredibly lazy. I have a gym membership that I haven’t used in about three months now and memberships are so pricy let me tell you. I am currently creating a schedule where I include going to the gym at least four times a week and hopefully working my way up. I have a break in between my classes thats about two hours long and my gym is literally right across the street and has showers so I really have no excuse not to go.

Creating a Brand

     This has been a dream of mine since I was nine years old. I used to make jewelry and create things out of polymer clay. When I was younger I used to make youtube videos during summer I wouldn’t sleep, my mom would wakeup in the morning and literally force me to go. I wouldn’t I was addicted to showing the world what I have made. The youtube community back then was amazing I had so much feedback and the subscribers grew like crazy. Just over summer I had a little over 1,000 subscribers. I think thats a lot for a nine year old to accomplish. I was proud. I then started selling my pieces at craft fairs and local shows that were popping up around my community. As I grew older high school came around and thats where everything went downhill. I made new friends, started partying and gave up on what I love.

     I have recently got back into it and slowly started making a few things here and there for myself. I’m just trying to figure out my style at the moment so I could then share with you all. My goal is to build a brand. Some of you may have seen my Instagram and Etsy page already, Nastik.Co where I currently have a few jewelry pieces that are made by me and a few phone cases. I definitely want to grow my listenings in the next year and slowly go into fine jewelry.

     I want to also grow Casual Lattes. It’s been a goal for a while as well but like I said laziness took me and I just didn’t get out until now. I promise you all in the future to come you will be seeing a lot more fun posts. My main focus to this blog is just an everyday girl living her life in a world where she likes to be casual and simple. I don’t want to specifically dedicate this blog to fashion. I want it to be real where you sit down with your latte relax and enjoy a quick read that hopefully relates to your life. Fashion, makeup, wellness, school, and D.I.Y ‘ s will be my target. I want it to be real where you sit down with your latte relax and enjoy a quick read that hopefully relates to your life. I hope you all get excited. I just ordered a white board to hang up in my room so I could write down all my ideas. I want to stay inspired everyday.

Productive and Stress Free

     My last goal for 2018 is pretty important to me and thats to be stress free and more productive. There is no point to stress. If something tragic happens don’t stress over it. No matter how big or small. The more you stress the more you’re ruining yourself there is no benefit to it. 2017 has taught me to get over things and not stress about them because you’re hurting yourself more. You’ll never get out of depression mode. If you’re stressing about something that could be fixed get up off your ass and make a change. That’s exactly how I want to live for now on. The more productive you are the less stressed you are. ” Too Busy To Stress ” those are the exact words I want to tell people.

Well those are my 2018 goals. Leave me a comment down below telling me what your 2018 goal are. I would love for you all to share. Good Luck to everyone and may 2018 be the best year ever!



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January Favorites 2017


1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water  | 2. MAC Fix + | 3. Buxom Full On Lip Polish |

4. LOreal Voluminous Mascara | 5. Topshop Killer Studded Chelsea Boot

    I’ve recently been trying to purchase new products to try and am loving it. In January I was experimenting with makeup a little. Im not a heavy makeup fanatic because lets be real I don’t know how to blend eyeshadow very well. I can get away with light shadows and all that but once you put color and a black on them lids forget it. I guess that just means I need to start practicing more.

 Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water  

     I wear foundation everyday unless I am hanging out at home. Obviously at the end of the day you need to take your makeup off in order to stay away from those nasty zits. Face wash alone just doesn’t do it. I like to double cleanse my face, sounds awful and drying but thats what your toner and moisturizer are for. I take a makeup or baby wipe and pour the liquid on and go to town cleansing my face starting from my forehead working my way down to my neck. I make sure that wipe has no white spots and that every inch of it is filled so I know my face is makeup free. After that I end it by washing my face and going on with my skincare routine.

   MAC Fix +

     This has been my EVERYTHING I literally LOVE this product. It’s been out on the market forever but I never grabbed it to try. One day I decided to grab it on my way home from work. Lets just say best decision of ma life! I wear a crap ton of foundation, well I’d like to say so, other people probably think I wear a light bb. I spray this on my Beauty blender before applying my makeup and after all my makeup is done. I use powder on my face at the end. But to finish it off I spray it on my face and just feel like it completely makes my powder melt into my skin making me have a flawless finish.

Buxom Full On Lip Polish 

     I have always had small lips. The whole trend right now is to have full lips. Let’s be real here not everyone can afford lip injections. You can line your lips but that takes some time. I like fast and easy. I popped into Sephora to pickup a lip plumper. I was recommended to try Buxom by one of the sale associates. I gave in and decided to pick a neutral color. OMG I put it on my lippies and they were tingling and it was so satisfying. It make your lips appear full and the gloss totally helps make them look much more voluminous. The color payoff is great pigment in this product is reasonable. It does tend to come of after about 25 minutes but im okay with that.

LOreal Voluminous Mascara 

     Luxury mascaras were my thing in high school. I had no bills nothing to really pay for. As soon as life hit me I got a job bought a car and school came around…….my makeup game downgraded because that wasn’t as important as the other things. Luckily I found a awesome mascara that I’ve now been using for about a year and a half now. I like to use the darkest color and pack it on without having my lashes look clumpy and this is just what this mascara does. They do have a water proof version which is awesome for the beach days that will be coming up. This mascara does not flake which is an A+++++. Even the high end mascaras tend to flake. If I had a million dollars and had the option to choose Chanel or Loreal mascara I would probably go for Loreal. That’s how serious I am….. BTW don’t get me wrong i’m a complete obsessor over Chanel.

 Topshop Killer Studded Chelsea Boot

     Last but not least these Top Shop boots have been my everything. I love to wear a fun piece. My favorite staple piece to wear are shoes and bags. Let me tell you Top shop always kills it with their shoe designs. Their sizes usually run pretty true to size which is awesome especially if you’re ordering online. They’re very inexpensive but looks like you paid a couple hundred bucks. I usually wear wear them with skinnies and a simple white v-neck for a casual look. If Im feeling a little dressy Ill throw on a button up, stick it in, and put on a cute belt with a little hat.

     Let me know what your January Favs were 🙂


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Welcome to the Blog!



It’s been a long awaited journey. I finally sat my butt down and created a new platform. Its obviously not the prettiest, but its a start. I can torture myself with the layouts later.

I just want to start off by saying how excited I am to start a new chapter in my life. For a long time I wanted to create a platform where I have full control of what goes on my page, how it looks..etc.. This is my time to shine and show you all what kind of creative mind I have.

On my page you’ll get everything from Fashion, Lifestyle, Tips & Tricks to D.I.Y. Um hello how exciting!

If your style is similar to mine and you don’t eat until your food looks aesthetically pleasing than you and I are meant to be.


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