About Anastasia

Prevetiki! (Hey in Russian)

Lets get right down to business. My name is Anastasia. I am 18 years old, turning 19 in September WOOT WOOT! I grew up in the Bay Area and def am not planing on moving anytime soon because hello, this place is amazing. I currently work at my favorite store ever which is Nordstrom, seriously love it there. The clothes, I mean just fantastic.

Clothing is a big part of my life, oh and shoes. Duh… My style is a lot more casual with a mix of prints. Don’t get me wrong I love all styles. Really depends on what I’m in the mood for that day. I’ve def become a label snob ever since I started working at Nordstrom. I’ve learned quality over quantity so Id rather spends a few more bucks on a piece rather than getting a ton of pieces that will fall apart in less than a month. LOL, but wait. Did I mention that I refuse to pay full price? I only like to make it rain when I’m getting that bargain.

Don’t get me wrong Im not just about clothes. I have a ton of hobbies. Ive been an entrepreneur since ya girl was ten years old. I started making jewelry and began selling it at fairs which was a total hit! I also currently sell clothing at great prices on Poshmark. I’d totally recommend checking it out if we both have similar styles. I guess you can say that business women runs in my blood. I love working for my own self and being my own boss. #GirlBoss

Stick around if you have a causal style and like to spice things up with fun prints. Life is to short for hoodies and leggings. But lets be real Pink hoodies are everything so I might just take that back!NEW SIGNATURE