About Anastasia


Well Hello There,

Thanks for stoping by. My name is Anastasia and well I’m 20 years old. I’m just your average girl who is still in college and a little confused on what she wants to become when she “grows up”. I currently live in the Bay Area and absolutely love it. Everyday is a adventure. My passion is being creative all day, everyday. Fashion is a part of me. I love being casual but still looking trendy at the same time. It’s pretty rare that you’ll see me in heels but on occasion it happens. Another hobby I have is testing new skincare. I don’t know if you would call that a hobby butI love trying on trend products and giving friends my honest opinion. Im a chill lifestyle gal.

     You’re probably wondering why I started a blog. Well. I started one because I wanted to try something different. I love social media but you can go so far on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, e.t.c…. Agh see so many platforms. I wanted to create my own space where its just me. I that makes the rules, I that controls what my page looks like ya know. I also wanted to just talk to people and be real about everyday life. I want it to be a casual place where you could grab your latte sit back and read some real shit. (Thats kinda where Casual Lattes came into play) A platform where its all about fashion, skin, lifestyle, and whatever else comes up.

 So yeah…..Hope You Enjoy! Make sure to leave comments on the posts so we could chit chat 🙂